The Test of English as a Foreign Language

SLP-Staffing provides online TOEFL sessions by an ASHA certified

Speech Language Pathologist

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) was created to assess an individual's English language proficiency.  Colleges/Universities, government agencies, licensing offices, and businesses may require TOEFL scores to determine a non-native speakers eligibility.  Educational Testing Service (ETS) offers paper based testing (select centers only) and internet-based testing (iBT).  The TOEFL iBT is presented in the following areas:

  1. Reading - This portion has academically based passages, testing an individual's ability to understand details, vocabulary, sentences, inferences, referential pronouns, and general ideas within a passage.
    • This section has 3 long passages/paragraphs
    • Approximately 39 questions
    • Section duration is 60 minutes 
  2. Listening - This portion is comprised of two passages on coversation between students and four passages on scholastic lectures and/or discussions.  This particular portion ascertains an individual's ability to extract the main idea, fine points, deductive reasoning, and purpose in an organized fashion.
    • This section has 6 long passages/paragraphs
    • Approximately 34 questions
    • Section duration is 60 minutes
  3. Speaking - This portion is comprised of independent and integrated tasks. Each of the six independent tasks focus on an individual's opinion and academic perspective. The integrated tasks are split in 2 sets.  One set concentrates on an individual's ability to read, listen and speak about how ideas correlate; and the other set focuses on the individual's ability to listen to long passages and recapitulate and share opinions based on the passages heard.
    • This section has 6 tasks (2 independent tasks; 4 integrated tasks)
    • 6 questions
    • Section duration is 20 minutes
  4. Writing - This portion is comprised of 1 integrated and 1 independent task.  The integrated task assesses the individual's ability to write how ideas correlate between the passage read and the passage heard.  The independent task requires the individual to write a personal essay.
    • This section has 2 tasks
    • 2 questions
    • Section duration is 60 minutes

Courtesy of Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL® Test: iBT, (2nd Edition) Copyright© 2007 by Pearson Education, Inc.