The Test of English as a Foreign Language

Our online private tutoring sessions have one major commonality -  they are provided by a licensed speech language pathologist certified in the Orton-Gillingham Reading and Writing Program and experienced in communication sciences that encompass the following areas of:

  • syntax (grammar)
  • semantics (meaning)
  • pragmatics (social verbal/nonverbal language)

What makes us unique is that we excel in providing exceptional training to each and every client no matter what package they choose.

Online Private Tutoring Sessions

Premium Package 

  • Days: 5 days/week (M-T-W-Th-F)
  • Estimated Time Frame - 2 weeks

Value Package 

  • Days: 3 days/week (M-W-F)
  • Estimated Time Frame - 3 weeks

Standard Package 

  • Days: 2 days/week (M-W or T-Th)
  • Estimated Time Frame - 5 weeks

*The sessions only differ in the time frame presented. Sessions/duration of any of the above packages are: 9 sessions (2 hours per session)

**The above time frame is under the assumption that no sessions will be missed.
We will do our best to make up a missed session in a timely manner based on the instructor’s availability.

Please contact us if you require additional hourly sessions after completion of the Premium, Value or Standard packages.