Indeed it was an invaluable and life time experience for me and my son to be assessed online. The feedback provided was candid and provided insight into the areas that required parents to look into and work upon.

-Irfan, A./Parent                                

I found Anita Rahim when searching for a bilingual Urdu speech language pathologist last year. I work as a speech language pathologist in a school district with many Urdu speaking children, and it is often difficult to differentiate a language difference from a language disorder. Anita and I did the initial evaluation together, and she used information we both collected to complete her report. She is highly professional, personable, and competent. I have asked Anita to come for many additional evaluations, and will continue to do so.

- Naomi, K./SLP

Anita came into our lives a few years ago, when our son barely spoke. She was recommended to us from another speech therapist. Anita was able to keep Liam engaged and began to build sounds into his repertoire. Anita helped Liam gain sounds and then words. Now Liam speaks in full sentences and is able to articulate his needs and speak with his teachers and peers. We will be forever grateful to Anita for how she has positively impacted our son's life.

- Rachel, N./Parent 

It was indeed an online learning experience not only for the child but for us the parents. It made us understand how far our child has stretched herself being halfway through her second year in kindergarten.

-Sarah, K./Parent 

Anita is a friendly professional and thorough evaluator. Her interpersonal skills are evident when working with children and their families. Anita's reports consistently provide extensive, valuable data about the children she assesses. Anita is able to offer cultural insights to the team, which aids in providing excellent services to children. She has provided an invaluable service to our Play Based Assessment team when working with bilingual Urdu/English speaking families. It has been a pleasure working with Anita, and I would highly recommend her services to families in need of speech/language services.

-Elisa, L./Social Worker/Case Coordinator

Anita is a fabulous addition to our team for Urdu assessments. She has developed protocols to take an in-depth look at Urdu Speaking Children. Her insights help us sort out language differences from language disorders in order to appropriately provide special education services.

-Jennifer, P./SLP

Anita, bilingual Speech Language Pathologist, has always been flexible and accommodating to meet our school's needs. Not to mention, she is always on time and comes prepared. Anita is professional, friendly, and a valuable resource to our evaluation team when assessing bilingual students.

-Sarah, P./School Psychologist

It was a great (online) experience for both me and my husband to get our child assessed through your team and the report definitely is of great help and value to us. Your further help and assistance in this regard will definitely help us improve our child's skills. Many thanks!

-Madeha, Z./Parent

Anita was great to work with. She was very professional. She was prompt with her report and very detailed. I would recommend her services to others.

-Kim, W./SLP

Anita Rahim was very accommodating. The student had no transportation so she went to the student's home to test. Thank you for doing that!

- Roberta, K./SLP