Developmental Milestones

Speech and Language Developmental Milestones for Normally Developing Children (Birth to 1 Year)

Birth to 3 months, the child...

  • Startles to loud sound
  • Visually tracks sound source
  • Attends to and turns head towards voice and/or source of sound
  • Smiles reflexively
  • Coos back and/or ceases activity to familiar voice

4 to 6 months, the child...

  • Raises arms when mother reaches towards him/her
  • Reacts to family members when they are named ("mommy", "daddy")
  • Explores vocalization by growling, yelling, squealing, making "raspberries"
  • Begins to babble, produces double syllables ("mama"), produces vowels

7 to 9 months, the child...

  • Looks towards common objects when they are named
  • Understands "no"
  • Uses gestural language - plays pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo
  • Produces various sound combinations and intonation patterns
  • Imitates various intonation patterns and speech sounds
  • Variegated babbling - produces sound sequence repeatedly ("mabamaba")

10 to 12 months, the child...

  • Understands up to 10 words ("no", "bye-bye"); understands simple one-step commands especially with a gesture ("sit down")
  • Relates symbol to object
  • Produces jargon (babbling that sounds like adult-like speech)
  • Gives object upon request
  • Understands and follows simple directions
  • Indicates needs with gestures and/or vocalization
  • Turns and attends instantly to own name
  • Produces first true word besides "mama" and/or "dada"

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